Food Menu

Our brand new food menu

Food Menu

Our brand new food menu

Sharing Platters

Two Person Sharing …don’t forget to add a side!

Haring Whole Baked Camembert (V)

With Battered Pickles, Caramelized Onion Chutney, Cranberry Sauce and a selection of Breads: with butter


Vegan BBQ (VE)

Biff Jackfruit Wings, Southern Fried Seitan Wedges, Battered Pickles, Onion Rings, Seasoned Corn, Vegan Aioli and Cajun Mayo


Chicken Platter

Southern Fried Chicken Strips, Chicken Breast Bites, Buffalo Wings, Onion Rings, Buttered Seasoned Corn, Blue Cheese Dip and Cajun Mayo

The Burger Bar

All our Burgers are built inside a toasted Little Pig Bakery Brioche Bun with a 6oz Steak Patty,
Lettuce and Red Onion. Double up your Patty for £2.50

(Gluten Fee Options Available on all our Burgers)


Classic Burger

With Tomato, Pickle and our Reuben Sauce (add your own extras from 50p)


Fiery Chicken

Freshly made Buttermilk Chicken Breast with a Southern Fried Coating and tossed in Buffalo Sauce, American Cheese, Home-made Coleslaw (BBQ  Option Available)


Classic Seitan (VE)

Southern Fried Seitan Fillet with Vegan Cheese, Aioli, Cajun Mayo, Avocado, Lettuce and Red Onion


Grilled Chicken Burger

Grilled chicken breast and bacon with sriracha may and aioli, with avocado, lettuce and red onion

The Hotdog Stand

All our Gourmet Dogs are built inside a Little Pig Bakery toasted Lobster Roll


Classic Dog

Bockwurst Sausage, American Cheese, Crispy Onions, Pickles, Ketchup and American Mustard

Wings and Bites

6 Wings – £6.00 12 Wings – £11.50


Buffalo Wings

Freshly made Buttermilk Chicken Wings tossed in a Buffalo Sauce with a Blue Cheese Dip (GF)


BBQ Wings

Freshly made Buttermilk Chicken Wings tossed in a Bourbon BBQ Sauce With an Aioli Dip (GF)


Chicken Bites

6 Battered Bites of Chicken Breast


Jackfruit Wings (VE)

3 Crispy jackfruit wings with mayo


Buffalo Seitan Strips (VE)

6 Home made fried Seitan strips tossed in a vegan buffalo sauce​



Home Made House Dips

Blue Cheese – Ailio (VE, GF) Cajun Mayo (VE, GF) Rueben Sauce (VE) Buffalo Sauce Vegan Buffalo Sauce Bourbon BBQ Sauce Sriracha Aioli (VE, GF)

Loaded Fries

Crispy Seasoned Fries Loaded with..


Seasoned Fries (VE, GF)

Basket of Seasoned Fries


Truffle Parmesan Fries

Topped with spring onion and Aioli


Southern Fried Chicken Fries

Southern Fried Chicken Strips, Buffalo Sauce, Blue Cheese Sauce with Spring Onions


Seitan Fries

Southern Fried Seitan Strips with a BBQ Sauce and topped with Spring Onions (VE)


The Superbowl

Bowl of Season Fries topped with Buffalo Chicken, Seitan Strips, Chorizo, Bacon, Crispy Onion, Spring Onion, Melted cheese plus Sweet Chilli Sauce, Aioli and Buffalo Sauce



3 Scoops of Cornish Ice Cream

Vanilla Bean, Strawberry, Triple Chocolate (GF) (Vegan Vanilla Bean available)


Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake

Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake served with Ice Cream


Eton Mess with Popping Candy

Eton Mess Sundae with Popping Candy


Vegan Raspberry and Pistachio Brownie

Decadent Raspberry and Pistachio Brownie


Chocolate Bon Bons

Chocolate balls with a dash of chilli, served with vanilla ice-cream


Chocolate Orange Brownie

Warm chocolate orange brownie served with vanilla ice-cream

Milkshakes... for Grown Up's



Strawberry – Chocolate–Vanilla – Oreo Cookie (VE Vanilla Bean available)